Sunday, January 08, 2006

On-line Translation

Sometimes I come across certain foreign language phrases I'd like to see translated. Here is a handy site to do this: Occasionally, one hears that "something is lost in translation." There is a nice way to see that here.

For example, supposed one types in English: "I love you."
The translator will return in German: "ICH Liebe Sie."

But then, type the "ICH Liebe Sie" and have it render again in English.
The translator will then return in English: "Self love she."

This would finally explain why my English (and slogan-matic German) didn't work too well for picking up German babes during my Cold War, European military duty tour days. Finally, I have some closure on that particular mystery...


At 10:46 PM, Anonymous silky said...

Don't complain, the ones for japanese are worse.


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