Friday, October 05, 2007

First seasonal brood of Jack-O'-Lanterns born in Hell

Hell, 1st level, Oct 5 (UPI) -- This year's first crop of Jack-O'-Lanterns have just been hatched in the incubus' nurseries of Hell.

The first brood located, conveniently, on the first level of Hell is believed to have been lain by a demon which infects citrus fruit with blight in Florida, B. Z. Bubb, a spokesman for the Hades public relations district, told a British-American seance group. Two more denizens of Hell also show symptoms of tumors, the typical method of incubation for the festive lanterns.

After the first case was reported, various minor devils in charge of legions of demons who had not been immunized against lantern spores were asked not to send them to unholy gathering places. Bubb also noted that 10% of demons have not received the vaccine for religious reasons.

Impregnation by lantern spores has become a rare disease in Hell since vaccines were introduced there decades ago. The disease is highly contagious and spreads evil doer to evil doer as spores are left behind after using commonly possessed beings.


[image] Imperial Conflict Player Photo Gallery October 5, 2007

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brint, I have written an article that I would like for you to read and comment.


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Thank you for taking the time to comment on my argument, and I am forced to agree with you: there is a calculus to beliefs: one may grant 99% of a politician's beliefs and deny that 1%. Now, the concern is about the species of beliefs. If say, I believe in Hillary Clinton's right to choice in abortion, but I don't support her lack of immediate troop withdrawal, that still means that my belief (that troops should be removed immediately) remains in contradiction to hers, and thus we are no further than before. Perhaps this is the problem in this particular case: that Code Pink would not support Hillary on one issue, and thus they isolate them selves from political support.


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