Sunday, July 20, 2008

Save gas, and make church come to you

Today I was driving to church thinking about all the money I could save if somebody just drove church to me. People could schedule times and just make the quick visit necessary for confession, communion, and a really short homily. This all came to me in a flash as I recalled an early modification to the Model T, pictured above. (Apparently, the steeple folds down so it can fit into a garage too!)


[image] NY Times archive

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At 2:47 AM, Anonymous woofmutt said...

But if the church came to yer house there would be no public witness of yer church goin' ways.

A mobile church might give rise to new sayins like:

"The church stops at his house, but he don't go in."

"He's a wave-as-the-church-drives-by kind of Christian."

"The church stops at his house but all he talks about is the motor."

"He's the kinda guy who'll pray in the church but won't help the pastor change a flat."


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