Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyborg army coming soon

I am amazed at how fast infantry-level technology is moving. Here is a video titled, "Exoskeleton Turns Humans Into Terminators." It is of actual (and successful) research into exoskeletal robotic systems which enhance soldier's abilities.

At this point it seems the power supply is the problem, since it takes a lot of juice to move both the suit and its load around. Such a suit would have to be plugged in to a portable generator, and would probably work behind the lines in a supply and warehouse labor pool. Still, the time saved in moving missiles, bombs, and other heavy items around could very well be mission critical. Much of this has been conceived before [ex. 1] [ex. 2], [ex. 3]; but, with the advent of even short-term, reliable high wattage portable power supplies, things would move very quickly on the infantry level toward such techno-infantry conceptions.


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