Thursday, May 15, 2008

Statistics: Finding Love

Percent of people who meet their future spouse in Church: 17%
Percent of people who meet their future spouse via online matchmaking: 17% [1]

Odds of more and more people turning to the internet for matchmaking: high
Odds of more and more people attending Church for matchmaking: really low


[1] "3 Smart Things About Online Dating" Wired Magazine May 2008, p. 30.

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At 1:09 PM, Blogger Josh McCullock Photography said...

very interesting, I love Wired!

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous w0lph said...

Let's face it, Church is too altruistic to establish meaningful relationships: the duality of competitve biological advantage and the deniel of this in religon creates a severe cognitive tension that does not resolve itself very nicely. What happens is either a.) the rational self-interest of the partners is tanked in favor of community. b.) the community is sacrificed at the hands of the individual. I belive the situation to be EITHER/OR, not an AND.

Have you noticed the amount of content that has been (presumably) preserved for all time on the internet? I was curious, so I searched a Bittorent database for engineering/mathematics, and found Gigs of books, that are now preserved in PDF (or some format) for all time (since Bittornet is a peer/distributed system). I don't think this is the intention: rather Bittorent (and other "piracy" systems) were designed for means of transmitting otherwise costly software packages and other items... not storing books for all time! Very cool though. And yes, I downloaded 5GB worth of engineering texts.

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous w0lph said...


I just read your post on the term Association as opposed to "community". I disagree that Ayn Rand's idea of self interest as the ultimate means is too simplistic. I would argue that although she did not use the word "association", she did use the term "market", which is equivalent: Persons do not interact with one another without some common goal, be it sex, food, or that new harley davidson, etc. In otherwords, Rand and You are both correct: Altruism is suicide. And yes, religous people are the world's worst (next to Nazism, and some other crazies)!

I would push the envelope a little further: we cannot do any other than being selfish: we can only be "I", and only when we establish our own awareness , can we categorize a "thou". Namely, to even talk of another's existence would mean that we have already premised that we exist as an "I". So, to state that being selfish is wrong, is...wrong: we are either rationally selfish (collaborative, competitive, etc) or irrationally selfish (self-destructive, xenophobic, etc)

At 10:08 PM, Blogger brinticus said...

thanks for the comments (again), w0lph. Say, do you have a blog?


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