Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to Make It In Band Land

Scene: Dave's house in nowhere Oklahoma

Phone rings; Dave answers

* * *

Dave: Hello?

Voice: Is this The Rounders?

Dave: Uh, yes.

Voice: Hey, what's up?

Dave: Oh, not much how are you?

Voice: I'm good man, I'm good. name is John and I have this business concept...a business concept for bands and I was wondering if you would hear me out on it.

Dave: (hesitating) Sure...

John: Okay, like, I've got this camera and I film bands. Then I put it up on YouTube with tag words like "music" and "gig" and "Rounders" and...uh...are you rock?

Dave: What?

John: Are you guys rock or

Dave: Well, John, we're not really a band anymore; we disbanded and...

John: Oh. You see I got your info off of OKC Live and...

Dave: Right, but we're no longer performing you really couldn' us...

John: But this idea is, like, for anybody who wants to get well known. Cause, like, radio charges like, thousands of dollars for every spot you....

Dave: I understand that, but the fact of the matter is that we don't play together anymore. We couldn't give you any content. And besides, it sounds as if you're asking for money for some service - which is fine - it's just that I couldn't make a decision like that on behalf of the other guys. Perhaps you should try a band that's a bit know....moribund.

John: (huffily) Well, like I said this idea is for anybody who wants to get well known. But if you don't want to get well known, whatever. Sorry to, like, waste your time.

* * *

The phone clicks; he has hung up.

Dave sat quietly and looked out the window, ruminating on what had just occurred....




[1] Contributed by guest writer, Dave "The Beatnik" Spindle

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At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the Rounders. My wife used to work with the lead singer, and that is how I first got dragged to a concert. Then I started dragging people. I guess it will now fall to Horse Shoe Road or Rockwell Social to be my favorite local band.


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