Thursday, January 17, 2008

Existential Tim at the Cafe

The smoke and dim light of the cafe performed a gentle pirouette around his closely shorn head. Responding to my query, Jean-Paul Timmy turned to me, his voice barley above a whisper, eyes aflame with sadness, and said, "God is absence. God is the solitude of man."

"What?" I asked.

He cracked a sly smile,"Life has no meaning the moment you loose the illusion of being eternal; life begins on the other side of despair."

"Tim, I just wanted to know if you liked your beer; I'm not sure what your saying has to do with...."

"Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance." he said, interrupting.

"Whatever," I sighed, abandoning the whole conversation entirely.

"Artistic symbols and myths speak out of the primordial, preconscious realm of the mind which is powerful and chaotic. Both symbol and myth are ways of bringing order and form into this chaos and therefore..." His voice trailed off as I walked away from the table.

"Jeez," I muttered to myself, making a mental note never to invite Tim anywhere ever again.


[image and article] Special guest writer, David "The Beatnik" Spindle


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