Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NOVA program on Evolution and the Dover, PA Decision

I just recently watched a PBS NOVA program on the big Evolution vs. (so-called) Intelligent Design Case in Dover, PA. As a part of the transcript from the program states:
In 2004, the Dover school board ordered science teachers to read a statement to high school biology students suggesting that there is an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution called intelligent design—the idea that life is too complex to have evolved naturally and therefore must have been designed by an intelligent agent. The teachers refused to comply. Later, parents opposed to intelligent design filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the school board of violating the constitutional separation of church and state.
You can watch the whole program on-line, and it is one of the best NOVAs I've seen. I recently spent a few hours in a seminar with a couple of the luminaries who were testifying for the Plaintiff's (pro-evolution party in the legal suit). The personality of Ken Miller is well represented in how he appears in this program. The NOVA site for the program also has several podcasts of interest. I especially liked the one which interviewed the judge in the case.


[1] "Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" NOVA (Accessed 12/02/07).


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At 11:55 AM, Blogger Taylor Caraway said...

This is one of those moments so strange that it has to be a god thing... I watched that show a while back, and I specifically thought about what you would say about the intelligent design debate, only as it relates to what children should be taught in public schools.

I think the whole issue brings up really interesting questions about all belief systems and public education. I'd hate (love) to see the pandora's box schools would open if they had to mention every dissenting opinion on everything taught to children. Maybe if you get bored, you could write about it.

"Hey kids, this is a picture of Colin Powell... of course, some people believe that we're all comprised of the same material, and the differences between individual humans is all in our minds... oh and some people don't really know what we mean when we say the word "mind" at all... oh and some people don't really know what we mean when we say we "know" something to begin with..."


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