Sunday, December 09, 2007

Strawberry Morphology

Just when you think the simplest, natural things cannot be compromised by analytical classification, something like this comes along. Who knew that somebody had named all the strawberry morphologies? Well, I bet Prof. Kirk Larson did, since it appears there's nothing about strawberries he doesn't know. He did academic work in Pomology. Until I, the philosopher, had taken a moment to contemplate the strawberry, I'd never heard of that discipline. (It's the science that deals with fruits and fruit growing.) Still -- the strawberry seems to have been carefully studied; indeed, everything I could ever imagine about strawberries seems to be available at Michigan State's Strawberry Information Center . I recently contemplated the ant, but the strawberry has surprised me a bit more than I expected. So now I'm thinking there must be morphologies for all fruit. And for leaves too.


[image] "Berry Fool" Sweet Treats Blog (Accessed 12/09/2007)

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