Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I want my Moller Skycar

This truth is, I'd sure like to have a few rides in this car before I keel over. Maybe I'll get my chance. (video). A questionable but highly entertaining analysis of what a flying car is worth to mankind is found in this video. Still, such speculative analysis aside, my desire for a few rides is not merely a pipe dream, since testing is already underway. And the FAA is predicted to give approval to models sometime before 2015. Mark's Technology News outlines the specs of the Moller Skycar as follows:
Apparently the company already has over 100 reservations for the $500,000 SkyCar which will be capable of a top speed of 375mph and get you 750 miles. The Skycar runs on ethanol rather than costly aviation fuel making it, as they claim, cheaper to run than a Land Rover or Porsche. The plane, which can also drive on the road at up to 35mph, will use eight Wankel rotary engines instead of jet engines - in order to keep the cost down.[1]
Thus, I'm thinking my odds are good. Once people see the flying car in action, they'll start moving out farther away from cities too, helping mitigate the suburban sprawl problem, which will further reduce traffic-load on those oh-so 20th century, virtually two-dimensional structures called "streets."


[1] "Moller M400 Skycar: 375mph Car/Plane to Hit The Roads, Skies." Mark's Technology News (Accessed November 24, 2008)


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At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw man I love that car. When they come out I wanna sell them on my site. LOL. I'm in atlanta and the traffic is horrible. We pay all this money in taxes and all the politicians do is get rich. I want results by any means necessary. I always joke about buying one of those $10k helicopter kits to get around town in. People laugh but if it were that simple I'd do it. Check out my site when you get a chance at Once again I love that car.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Stephen Vandervort said...

Wankel motors!! That's what Mechanic-Don't-Panic Vandervoort worked on back in the day.

Buy one and I'll be your specialized mechanic!


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