Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A.I. and Medicine: The Interview Kiosk

Here is where the next layer of artificial intelligence will enter the medical system. Note that the computer pays attention to where the faces are and gives empathetic responses. The .wmv video link is here. The technology was developed by Microsoft researcher Eric Horvitz.



[ * ] "Meet Laura, Your Virtual Personal Assistant" National Public Radio March 21, 2009 (Accessed August 2, 2009) - An interview with Horvitz when he was first announcing this technology on an NPR show this last March.

[ * ]
John Markoff "Software That Cares" NY Times (TierneyLab) July 28, 2009 (Accessed August 2, 2009) -- Author of a NY Times story talks directly about Horvitz' medical interview system. There is also an embedded version of the above video, but with a bit less resolution.

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