Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mr. Marshal Brain on Customer Service Robots.

Marshal Brain makes some fascinating observations about how robots will change the economy.[1] I was especially interested in his case scenario of the McDonald's robot service worker. Since a McDonald's robot (attractive and humanoid in appearance) will remember every interaction with you, as the customer; along with what you ordered, what you talked about on your last visit, etc., it will present a very emotionally impacting experience. But what's more strange, if you go to another McDonald's in another state, that robot there will have all the same information as well. So you as the customer will have the very surreal experience of every McDonald's robot treating you like you're their best friend, most valued customer (of the moment) -- somewhat like Starbucks employees try to fake, but which the robots might really believe, if they have beliefs, by nature of their programming.


[image] Raina's Thoughtful Thoughts blogsite Feb. 19, 2008 (Accessed Aug. 22, 2009)

[1] "Marshall Brain speculates on how robots will change the economy and replace human workers" Singularity Summit 2008.

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