Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google can soon peek under dresses with mapping robots.

And then everybody else could take the tour too

Google has a street trike which a person rides as the newest way to make maps.[1]  It allows the company to map even smaller and closer spaces than a full car could manage.  As a matter of efficiency, the principle is to shrink down the apparatus so more places can be mapped.  Clearly this principle is extensible until you have the smallest of robots scurrying around the nooks and crannies of every publicly accessible place. In principle, then, one could take the view of a mouse or a fly (eventually) and cruse around at Google's "street view" and see things from that perspective.  No doubt Google can already do this, but to explicity advertise such abilities would be too shocking for the public.  (But already used for intelligence agencies, of course.) Privacy concerns are already a touchy issue in Europe, and would be so here in the U.S. were it not for this country's general ignorance about the implications of its own Science.



[image] "Pesky fly or Peeing Tom" The Latest and Greatest Technology (Accessed 8/20/11)

[1] "Google Street View trikes up close" TechCrunch (Accessed 8/20/11)

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