Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Working daily for an extra minute of life

I have a friend who, on his description, went from a D+ level high-school level job, to a C- level high-school job. Of course, he graduated from High School 20+ years ago, and college too. (My friend is a known pessimist.)

It's a crying, wailing shame that we have to work for money. It would be far better if we worked for life extensions. So, say, for every day you work, you get one extra minute of life. So if you work 50 weeks times 5 days times 65 years, that's -- um -- 16250 minutes, or an extra 11.2 days of life. Krap, that would suck. I'd ask for a raise! What kind of idiot would work until retirement only to get an extra 11.2 days of life!? I mean, hell, do they even TELL you when they start?! Suppose you got cancer, and you're going down, and you say, "What about my 11.2 days?", and they say, "Well, God sent a post-it note saying you're 9 days into 'em..." That would really, really suck.


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