Friday, March 31, 2006

Kissing: it's a primate thing

I have a friend who was contemplating the situtation where an ex wife maligned her ex-husband's quality of kissing.

There is something to be said in terms of kissing and human relationships, but it is because there is something more generally to be said about kissing and primate relationships in general. I once read an article by a professor de Wall (Emory Univ.) who had studied primates both in captivity and in the wild, and he was very clear that Chimpanzees embrace and kiss after fights. Here is paraphrase of what DeWall found:

  • "Chimpanzees live in patriarchal societies where shifting alliances between males -- and often the sympathies of females -- can bring about major changes in the governance of a group. The controlling males settle disputes and distribute food. There is a great deal of fighting, especially between males, and very clear rules for how fights should be pursued. Adult males confront one another with raised hair and bite one another's hands and feet with their large canines. Against females, however, they generally use only their hands and feet. Even in male fighting, it is rare that lasting damage is done, for what counts above all is the capacity to fight effectively within the rules, employing speed and agility (de Waal, 1998: 104). At the end of a fight, the loser is expected to ask for reconciliation. This is generally followed by fervent kissing and embracing and perhaps a lengthy grooming session (Ibid., 27-9). "[1]

Perhaps that an "ex-"wife was dealing with guilt after making remarks about her ex-husband's kissing style is more than just coincidence, for the default activity of primates -- namely kissing -- used for reconciliation was no longer available (and in this case desirable) to resolve the relationship. Thus, the main avenue that evolution provided for that small island of social harmony among the most advance primates on the planet, humans, was blocked.

Finally, if a quick search on Google is any indication, kissing is a muscle motor technique that can be improved over time; thus, even bad kissers have as much hope that disicipline and practice may provide. You just have to have a partner that is willing to take the time to wait thru the learning curve and give honest feedback. Note, however, it's probably best to avoid dental Novocaine during training sessions ....

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Monday, March 27, 2006

POEM: White Trash Girl

POEM: White Trash Girl

In my next life,
I'm going to marry
A white trash girl.

We'll live in a yellow trailer.
And the hot metal will reflect
the perfect Oklahoma sun.

She'll win bar fights.
She'll carry her child on her hip
While playing country music
A bit too loud out the screen door.

She'll become heated when
Conway Twitty is mentioned,
Still pissed he never made it,
Into the CMA Hall of Fame.

She'll waste money on cheap beer.
She'll worry about jeans and her rear.
She'll get tougher every year

In my next life,
I'm going to marry
A white trash girl.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

God, foreknowledge, freewill, multiple futures and

Dear Mr. Supposed Philosopher:

I read your short email to me where you said having "freedom" is not merely doing what we want to do, but being able to have done other than we did. This seems crazy for the following reasons:

1. If your definition about freedom is true, then exact foreknowledge does not exist.
2. If exact foreknowledge does not exist, then any talk of freedom is meaningless.
3. Thus, if your definition reflects the way things are, then one can't make sense of 'freedom'.

-- anonymous

Philosophy addicted loser:

0. I acknowledge the argument as valid, but not sound. Premiss #2 is false; thus, the conclusion has no bite on me.

1. God does, I'll grant, have foreknowledge, and this even if we have free will (as I defined it). Here's how:

2. First, we can make a distinction between knowing THE exact future (one) and knowing the SET of possible futures (many). Now God is aware of what it is possible to do, all the decisions that I can physically implement at the time of choice. Thus, God is NEVER surprised by what I can do, and indeed God can lay maximally predictive odds on what I MIGHT do. After all, God is a maximally good mathematician and statistician. But there are at least SOME times where the assessed ODDS of me doing action X are high, but where I actually do some other action, Y. This is what it means to say that I have a free will in the libertarian sense.

3. God likes it this way, for if I had no freewill, then I would merely be an extension of God's will, much like a shovel is an extension of my arm.

~ M.S.P.