Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alex Trebek on Technology

"If you can't be without that piece of equipment, I think that's sad. We're becoming too attached to our technology. We need more time to ourselves, more time to sit and think and be quiet, instead of constantly being accessed. And as far as Twitter goes, are we so insecure that if we're not connected to somebody else every moment of the day, we're in a panic? What happened to the days of contemplation? The days of being self sufficient? Enjoying ourselves instead of being in contact with everybody else?"[1]



[1] From an excellent interview with him on Time Magazine's "Techland" site: Doug Aamoth "Techland Interview: Alex Trebek" Techland.Time.Com (Sept. 21, 2010)

[*] Another great interview with him on the recent (2/14/11) IBM-Watson vs. human champions on Jeopardy is here.

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